End Times Headline News - Friday, September 22nd, 2017 (Feast of Trumpets)

Puerto Rico is now destroyed and Hurricane Maria is on a rampage. Where she goes, no man knows. This is destruction to the likes we have never seen.

Are you seeing these signs? Are you believing what you are seeing?

I see an unrepentent world that refuses to follow YHWH's commandments. I see churches and leaders in unholy services, people worshipping on a SUN worship day, people praying to Mary and Jesus, people telling their sins to men in boxes and thinking they will be forgiven. I hear and see all these people who say they love Jesus but dont keep His Fathers commands. I hear these false teachers say the law has been done away with. People quote Paul and think a man made a different set of rules. Jesus Himself said the law is in effect. Because we are sinners, His blood was the only way for our Salvation. But that is just the start. We are called to be a set apart people. We are not called to be Christians, Jews, Catholics, or anything else. Those are all man made. The Bible says we are Hebrews if we follow Gods laws, statutes, and commands. If you love God, keep His commands. If you dont then you by default are choosing satan. This is your choice and if you have read this, there wont be any excuses come judgement day. Everything I tell you is from the Bible and I have tested it against the Paleo Hebraic version which is the original.

These are your end times headline news from across the world.

Be ye ready!

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