Afghanistan: Villagers recall alleged US bombardment as America ramps up bombing campaign

Afghan and US forces have increased their attacks against militant strongholds in Afghanistan, according to a recent report by NATO. Residents of Achin in the district of Nangarhar province recounted on Wednesday how one such airstrike hit their village, destroying their homes and reportedly killed two adults and a child.

Achin residents said the air raids were carried out as part of a military operation against the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL).

"Islamic State militants came here. The government dropped off a leaflet, then we fled our village, then the Americans bombarded and destroyed these houses," explained one survivor.

According to resident Mohammad Jan, after their village was captured and used as “a large base of IS," residents were forced to flee as aircraft destroyed “everything."

He noted, "three villagers were killed who did not belong to IS or the Taliban," adding, "US forces should bombard areas where enemies carry out their activities, not bombard us."

Another village resident stated that as she fled the village in a vehicle with another 10 passengers, “only I survived, the other 10 people including my parents and cousin were all killed."

A recent NATO report titled 'What to expect in 2018' states that US forces dropped over 3,554 bombs in Afghanistan in 2017, three times the amount in 2016.

Over 26,500 civilians have been killed and just under 49,000 injured in the ongoing armed conflict in Afghanistan since January 2009, according to UN reports.

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