Austria: Protests greet Orban ahead of meeting with Kurz

Protests were held in front of the Federal Chancellery in Vienna on Tuesday as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in the Austrian capital.

Greenpeace activists built a four-metre high installation of fake atomic barrels to protest against Hungary's planned 'Paks II' nuclear power plant expansion.

“Today the Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz will be meeting Viktor Orban. They are talking also about security issues. And we think that the security risk [of] nuclear energy needs to be on top of this agenda," said Greenpeace activist Adam Pawloff.

A second group of people also gathered in front of the Chancellery to protest against Viktor Orban’s politics, which, according to one protester “are a farce to the democratic institutions and parliamentary system."

“Mister Orban is taking a step back, and creating those walls, that we think, we have left behind," stated Young European Federalists member Stefan Windberger.

Kurz and Orban are believed to be discussing migrant quotas and EU external borders.

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