China: Shanghai Starbucks on 'coffee break' after van crash injures 18

Footage shot on Friday, showed broken fences and a damaged sidewalk outside a Starbucks store in Shanghai, where a van packed with gas canisters rammed into pedestrians.

The shop was closed due to incident and security forces were present monitoring the situation.

At least 18 people have been injured, three in serious condition, after a van packed with gas canisters rammed into pedestrians outside a Starbucks coffee shop in downtown Shanghai, Friday.

The van caught fire and rammed into a tree, after hitting several people. The driver was reportedly a 40-year old man with the surname Chen who was smoking while driving a minivan transporting gas tanks.

Chen, who had no criminal record, was allegedly also injured. Local media reported the vehicle was also carrying six other people. According to the police, Chen was allegedly transporting dangerous substances illegally.

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