Morocco: Protests break out in Jerada as 'mines of death' claims another victim

Large protests broke out in the northeastern city of Jerada on Thursday, as mourners gathered to put the latest victim of Morocco's mines to rest after one man died and another was injured in a mining accident in the city.

Footage showed crowds accompanying the funeral car carrying the deceased to his resting place as some collapsed and had to be carried off.

It was not the first time that Marocco's mines claimed lives. Wide protests broke out last December and continued well into this January when two brothers aged 23 and 30 died after an abandoned coal mine collapsed on them. Outrage grew following the rescue operation, which reportedly took 36 hours.

Locals have dubbed the pits 'mines of death' since hundreds of people risk their lives every day digging in dangerous conditions, according to critics.

Reports state that the mine, which was officially closed in 1990, used to employ over 9,000 people.

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