Russia: Golden gun uncovered as Dagestan PM detained in fraud case

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) detained acting Prime Minister of the Russian Republic of Dagestan, Abdusamad Gamidov, on suspicion of embezzling funds allocated for social programmes in Makhachkala on Monday.

Acting Deputy Prime Ministers, Shamil Isaev and Raudin Usufov, as well as Dagestan’s former Minister of Education and Science, Shahabas Shakhov, were also arrested following searches by FSB officers.

The investigative committee said that during searches of Gamidov’s house, a TT pistol made of gold was seized, as well as an ammunitions arsenal including Beretta guns and two Kalashnikov rifles.

Shortly after their detention, the arrested officials were flown to Moscow where the investigative committee will establish preventive measures.

Head of the Republic of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev dismissed the Republic’s government on the same day.

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