Russia: 'It is financial war' – Fin Min Siluanov on Western sanctions

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov discussed how Western sanctions could affect the Russian economy during an interview with RT's programme SophieCo, in Moscow on Wednesday.

"If we look at sanction stories regarding other countries, for example Iran, of course there are sanctions more deep, including disconnection from SWIFT, freezing bank accounts. In fact, it is financial war," he stated.

"[In case of disconnection from SWIFT] our Russian and Western counterparts would suffer, because we'll have to use other less comfortable and less modern methods of communication and information exchange. We all aware that it is a double-edged sword," Siluanov noted.

The finance minister said that banks already use Russian technologies for domestic transactions and exchange of information, and that "with our outside partners, there will be inconveniences, but I think we’ll find a way."

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