Syria: Christian Kurds shelter in Afrin church after heavy bombing

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The Christian Church of the Good Shepherd in Afrin is sheltering to Kurdish Syrians who fled their homes due to bombardment, footage captured on Sunday reveals.

SOT, Diyar Khaddan, Servant of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Afrin (Arabic): "We had a church in Raju and another in Jondiers, but because of the shelling of Raju, our church was destroyed there. The people were forced to go to Afrin because of the shelling that also destroyed their homes. We have supported all the civilians coming from Raju and Jondiers and other areas. We opened the door of the church and we received families here."

SOT, Woman, christian with destroyed house (Arabic): "I was a Christian from the village of Jammu. We were afraid of the bombardment, especially when it hit the dam. So we were afraid of destroying the dam and sinking the area, and more than ten shells hit our village and five houses were destroyed. So we came to Afrin with our Christian brothers. In the Lord, they have brought us here."

SOT, Man from Syria (Arabic): "Many people have been displaced from their villages to the city of Afrin, so people are sleeping in closets and on the ground and uninhabited buildings. There is no drinking water and no sanitary facilities. Distortion."

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