France: Muslim community share thoughts and prayers on Trebes terror attack

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Prayers were held by the Muslim community for fallen French police officer Arnaud Beltrame and other victims of Trebes terror attack at the Palais des Congres Marcel Dufriche in Montreuil on Sunday.

Several attendees shared their thoughts regarding the attack with one saying, "Every time that there is a problem in the society, like there is a social problem, daily life problems, economic problems, at the hospitals, the farmers problems, etcetera, they bring up terrorism in a glance. It's like they want to distract the people from the problems. Now it's become a pretext in all the countries in the world like a magician's hat, they bring up the little terrorists like the little rabbits from the hat."

On Friday, a gunman killed one person while stealing a vehicle from Carcassonne. The gunman then reportedly drove to the nearby town of Trebes, where he took hostages at a Super U store.

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