Peru: Allies stand by Kuczynski as corruption threatens to engulf leader

Peruvian politicians leapt to the defence of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in Lima on Tuesday as accusations of corruption threaten his premiership.

"This is an ambush trying to ruin President Kuczynski and we cannot allow that, we cannot stoop so low," said Bruno Giuffra, the Minister for Transport and Communication. "There was not a single irregular act, here nobody has paid a vote to anyone, and nobody has bribed a congressman in exchange for a vote."

Kuczynski faces an impeachment vote, with his task to secure backing becoming all the harder following videos being released apparently showing his lawyers and ally Kenji Fujimori, son of former president Alberto, attempting to bribe a congressman in exchange for support.

Fujimori, too, is embroiled in a feud with his sister Keiko, who leads the Popular Forces, over her attempts to remove the sitting president and Kenji's expulsion from the party.

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