Peru: Scuffles erupt at Int'l Women's Day march in Lima

Scuffles erupted at a march against femicide in Lima on Thursday, as thousands took to the streets to mark the International Women's Day.

Protesters exhibited numerous banners and placards denouncing violence against women, but also some demanding that politicians take measures against the sex-based hate crime.


SOT, Kiara Rodriguez, protester (Spanish): "We are going to do all the necessary marches but at some point we need the authorities to respond, we can not go out every time they kill someone, because they kill someone every day. We will continue marching if necessary, until the congressmen respond, until the president responds, until the government takes over."

SOT, Maruja Inquilla, protester (Spanish): "The mistreatment of women must stop... towards all women, whether from the field [farmers] or professionals, we deserve to live equally and to get respect."


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