Russia: Drone footage of Kemerovo mall blaze that killed scores

Drone footage from the 'Mishen v dym' YouTube channel captured the smoking Winter Cherry shopping centre in Kemerovo, Sunday, where according to recent data, the death toll has risen to to 37, with reports of 69 people still missing, including 40 children.

According to the Russian Emergency Ministry, EMERCOM, the area of the fire exceeded 1,500 square metres. The fire source was located on the top floor where several cinema halls and children's playgrounds with attractions are located.

Around 200 animals of 25 kinds, among which Guinea pigs, rabbits, a guinea-fowl, dwarf Cameroonian goats, mini-pigs and others, have reportedly died in a petting zoo located in the shopping mall.

Over 300 people and 50 units of equipment are involved in the firefighting operation.

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