Russia: 'It meets the target like a fireball’ - Putin praises new 'Avangard' missile unit

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a new weapon 'Avangard', describing it by saying "it meets the target like a meteor, like a fireball", during his Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow on Thursday.

“This one differs with its ability to fly in dense layers of the atmosphere, in intercontinental range and at hypersonic speed. The use of new composite materials has made it possible to solve the problem of a long-term controlled flight of the winged block practically under conditions of plasma formation,” Putin said.

“Due to obvious reasons, we cannot show the real image, the real appearance of the unit. Even this is of serious importance. I think it is clear for everybody. But I assure you, we have all of this in stock and all of it works well,” he added.

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