Ukraine: Blast rocks central Donetsk, one person injured

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At least one person was injured following an explosion that occurred in the space between two cars in the city of Donetsk on Saturday.

SOT, Aleksander Latyntsev, head of administration of Voroshilovskii district of Donetsk (Russian): "We are near house 142 by Cheluyskintsev street. About 30 minutes ago the explosion occurred here. You can see the explosion source between the cars [behind me.] One young guy was injured, the owner of this car, a Volkswagen Passat. He has his arm and leg injured. He was sent to the trauma unit in Donetsk. We have some windows in the nearby houses broken as well. Communication lines are not broken. [It is] a heavily populated area, the very central part of the city, 200 metres from Lenin Square. Such a blast happened here."

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