Syria: Eight reportedly killed, 37 injured after militants' shelling attack on Damascus - reports

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Eight people were reportedly killed and 37 were reportedly injured in a shelling attack by militants on the Syrian capital of Damascus on Saturday.

SOT, Civilian (Arabic): "We heard a sound, we went out to see what that was, but the glass of our neighbor's house was shattered and it hit us. We saw the roof holes, see. This is a closed room for the house owners, this all got inside; sand and stones. Thank god there was no fire, nor a harm for the people here, but the neighbors lost all of their glass, for it seems the missile came this way, (you can know this) from the destroyed pillars. It is god who protects us."

SOT, Civilian (Arabic): "I was not in the house, I went home and found the mortar in it, this is what happened as you can see. Thank god we were not in the house, nevertheless; the house [restoration] needs 200 to 250 thousands, how can I get that? Where from? How can I pay for restoration?"

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